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Buy Blue Foot Mushroom for sale online Adelaide: Blue Foot mushrooms are small to medium in size and have a flattened, round cap with a thick, cylindrical stem. The cap is smooth, firm, and cream-colored with tightly packed, purple wavy gills on its underside. The stem is dense, thick, and stained with deep lilac hues on the surface, but as the mushroom ages, the purple colouring will fade. When cooked, Blue Foot mushrooms are highly fragrant with a velvety and silky consistency and an earthy, woodsy flavour. Blue Foot Mushroom For Sale Online Australia magic mushrooms australia​. Buy Blue Foot Mushroom Online Perth.

Seasons/Availability | Buy Blue Foot Mushroom for sale Brisbane | Blue Foot Mushroom For Sale Online Australia

Blue Foot mushrooms are available year-round, with a peak season in the late fall through winter. Buy Blue Foot Mushroom for sale online USA

Current Facts

Blue Foot mushrooms, botanically classified as Clitocybe nuda, though sometimes is referred to as Lepista nuda, are an edible variety that are members of the Cortinarius family.  Also known as Pied bleu, Blue Foot mushrooms are the cultivated cousin of the wild wood blewit mushroom and grow in both deciduous and coniferous regions. Blue Foot mushrooms are not a true blue mushroom, like the blue entoloma, which is blue inside and out and can easily be mistaken for several mushrooms in the Cortinarius family which are toxic.  Often favored as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes, Blue Foot mushrooms are a versatile ingredient that holds its shape well when cooked while offering rich flavors and a tender texturemagic mushrooms australia​

HOW TO SELECT: Blue foots should be firm and dry. Some bluefoots suffer from slight crumbling at the edge of the cap. Steer clear of bluefoots that appear shriveled or that have moist, soggy gills. magic mushrooms australia​

HOW TO STORE: These cultivated mushrooms are as finicky about their environment as they are elusive. If left too exposed, they become excessively dry; if kept in a closed environment, they retain moisture and become soggy. Place them on a plate or in a wire basket lined with paper towels and refrigerate, uncovered, for no more than three to five days. magic mushrooms australia​ Blue Foot Mushroom For Sale Online Australia. Buy Blue Foot Mushroom Online Perth.

HOW TO CLEAN: Blue foots tend to be remarkably clean. Still, brush briskly with a mushroom brush or wipe with a paper towel to remove any trace of dirt.

HOW TO PREPARE: Subtly flavoured and sturdy, bluefoots suit many cooking methods and flavouring agents. They are similarly sized and suitable substitutes for the more common white (a k a button) or shiitake mushrooms, whether the recipe is a breakfast omelet or barley soup. magic mushrooms australia​

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